Friday, May 8, 2009

Sometimes... feel like you just can't take some of the things that life lobs at you anymore. J'ever have one of those days, weeks, or seeming lifetimes? It's been one of those "quarters." Oh, it's nothing big, but how many of you already know that sometimes it's the multitude of little, itty-bitty, nuisances that add up to the push that takes you over the edge? Things like annoying people picking at you, or just one more truck swerving in front of you, or one more nasty comment from that co-worker you can't stand anyway, or one more phone call where all "they" want to talk about it themselves and ignore the despair in your voice. You know, those kind of times where it's not a major storm, just the accumulation of tiny clouds that eventually block out the sun. Not a major hurricane, just a tropical depression. Recognize the signs?

Been there too many times to count, yet today, here I stand ready to face the world again, despite the numerous times I've allowed it to push me to my knees. My secret? Letting it push me to my knees and not onto my back. See, when I find that I'm weakening, and can't stand up under the pressures anymore, I go to my knees, and the Lord invariably meets me there. Whether I'm on my knees literally or figuratively, My GOD knows when I am in need of a tangible bit of evidence of His Presence. I've read, heard and said so many times that "He promised that He would never leave nor forsake me," but too many times my focus is pulled away from that promise and doubt tries to take over and make me believe that He's left. But I KNOW that's impossible, 'cause I'm His child and this Daddy doesn't leave!

How am I reassured? Well, each time it's different, because even though He most often speaks to me through music, it's not always to music that I turn. Yes, I may eventually get to the point where I begin to sing again, but it isn't always the first step. I remember when I used to rush around, asking everyone to pray for me, or for a "Word." Thank God that I've grown some since those times. I know now to lean not to my own understanding, but to go where He leads me. Sometimes it is directly to the Written Word. Sometimes it's to another saint to encourage them. Sometimes it's to a known unsaved soul to encourage them. Wherever I'm led, He meets me there and encourages me during my own journey.

I may not like the potholes, but I continue on the road,
Jesus walks beside me, shouldering the load.
Moving forward, step by step to I-know-not-where.
May not like the view, but the company's beyond compare!

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